Apple Introduced The iPhone Model Of Its Own 5G Modem In 2022: Report

Apple introduced the iPhone model of its own 5G modem

Cupertino’s technology giant Apple plans to take its 5G modem to the iPhone model by 2022. According to a recent Fast Company report, Apple is expected to launch its first iPhone model with a 5G modem by September 2020. Qualcomm Chip inside. In order to take control of its 5G technology as quickly as possible, Apple bought out Intel’s modem business earlier this year in order to develop another part of its home hardware without calling on partners.

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The development of Apple’s next-generation modems is reportedly likely to be led by Aesin Terrioglu, who served as Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm until the iPhone manufacturer was hired in 2017.

“The integration of SoC may not yet happen, says my source. Given the tight deadline for the delivery of a modem in 2022, It may choose to turn its first 5G modem into an independent chip, and then integrate it into the SoC next year,” said Mark Sullivan of Fast Company.

Apple had stopped working with the main 5G modem provider, Qualcomm, due to a dispute over its license fee. However, a legal battle between the two tech giants was resolved in April for an undisclosed sum.

As part of this agreement

Apple has agreed to buy Qualcomm 5G chips and use them as part of its iPhone 5G, scheduled for 2020.

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