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The Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog Website

At the end of this guide, you will be able to create an amazing  Blog (Your Own Blog) and start earning money from it.

Starting a blog consists of 3 simple steps to simplify the best way to have your own blog.

  • Step 1. Choosing the Right Website Platform (CMS)
  • Step 2. Choosing a Domain name & Hosting provider
  • Step 3. Installing the Platform, Themes

Once completed, you will have your very own Blog Website up and running,  and best of all The Whole Process takes No more than 30 Minutes! Then you will be ready for earning passive income.

How to create a Blog Website Featured Image
This is how our Blog Website will Look once done.

Click here to view a Demo of the Final Website

Step 1 / Choose the Website Platform.

The fastest way to build a blog website is by using a platform, also referred to as a “Content Management System (CMS)” or “Website Script”.
Why use a Content Management System (CMS)?
Content management systems (CMS) has made creating a Website easier, much faster, more accessible and it’s the best website to start a blog. And the best thing is, most of them are FREE!

A view of the admin panel of the WordPress CMS
A view of the admin panel of the WordPress CMS

What does Content Management System (CMS) exactly do?
A content management system allows you to create and manage all of your Website content from a user-friendly interface. All changes can be done from an admin area, which contains lots of options for tweaking your website without touching a single line of code.

Step 2 / Hosting & Domain Name.

Now that we’ve chosen the website platform to use for our Blog Website, The next step is to Get Web hosting and a Domain name.

  • A domain name is an address that people type to get to your website, Take for example.
  • A web hosting is where the content of your website resides, Every website needs Web Hosting.

To choose our domain and web hosting, we have the best  WordPress hosting provider siteGround

So let’s get a start and buy our domain and hosting:

Click this link to open the SiteGround Website in a new window
The first thing you will need to do is click the Choose Plan Button.

Create a Blog Website - Buying Hosting
SiteGround Homepage

Next, select your preferred Hosting Plan. The StartUp Plan is enough to get you started, but if you’re looking to build more than one Blog Site, or if you believe your site is going to grow rapidly then we suggest you go with the GrowBig or GoGeek Plan.

Create a Blog Website - Buying Hosting
SiteGround Hosting Plans

After choosing your desired hosting plan click the orange Get Started Button.
On the next screen, you will be able to register a new Domain Name or transfer your existing domain if you have one.

Create a Blog Website - Registering a Domain Name
Domain Registration Page

Once done, click Proceed and you will be redirected to the payment page.
Fill in your account information, Client information and payment details, then click the pay now button.

Create a Blog Website - Success Message
Success Message Page

On the next page, you will see a success message with a button to access the customer area. An email will also be sent to you containing your username, login details and a few other helpful information about your account.
Click the Proceed to Customer Area Button.

Step 3 / Installing WordPress & a Blog Theme.

So now that we’ve bought our domain & web hosting we’re gonna log into the customer area, you can do this clicking the Proceed to Customer Area button found on the previous screen or using the login details that were sent to you via email.

3a / Installing WordPress Using the Wizard.

After logging into your Customer Area for the first time, you will be greeted with a pop-up asking you if you want to Start a new website on your account. Select that option and click on the WordPress button.

Create a Blog Website - Installing WordPress
SiteGround Website installation Wizard

Now go ahead and fill in the login information needed for your new WordPress installation. Once you’re ready, click on the Confirm button.
Next, you’ll be asked what Enhancements you’d like to add to your account, you can skip those or add the ones you desire. When you’re done click on the Complete Setup button.


Your WordPress Installation is now ready, you can visit the front page of your website by going to your domain name Example:
The default WordPress theme will be installed by default, We’re going to learn how to change it in the next step.

3b / Installing a Blog Theme.

So now that you’ve got your WordPress installation up and running, it’s time to change the default theme to a Blog Theme.
To change it you will need to login to the WordPress admin panel which can be accessed by adding /wp-admin after your domain name. So if your site domain is the admin URL would be
When visiting this URL you will be asked the enter your username and password, remember those are the details you added to the WordPress installation Wizard and might differ from your hosting details.

A view of the admin panel of the WordPress CMS
A view of the admin panel of the WordPress CMS

The first thing you’ll see Once you’re logged in is the WordPress Dashboard. The Dashboard displays some general information and stats related to your website.
On the left side, you will notice a sidebar menu which contains all menu items used to access different A.
From the sidebar menu Hover on Appearance then click on Themes, this will take you to the themes page. Here you can check your available themes and install new ones.
By default, WordPress comes with a couple of themes suited best for blogging sites. Since we are creating a Blog Website we will need to find themes that are best suitable for Classifieds.

Create a Blog Website - Changing the WordPress Theme
WordPress Themes Page

The WordPress repository contains some free themes, but almost none of them is suited for a blog website. Besides that, Free themes usually have Limited Features and Functionality and offer no support.
On the other hand, Premium themes come with a great set of functionality, offer More features and customization options and usually offer free support.

So where can I get Premium WordPress Themes?

There are tons of Premium WordPress marketplaces out there, but not all of these provide high-quality themes. A good Marketplace has a strict content quality review process, and a good selection of themes to choose from.
the best Premium Themes marketplaces out there is: Themeforest

What’s the best Blog WordPress Theme?

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using a theme called “Writing Blog” which can be bought from the ThemeForest marketplace.
We’ve tested multiple WordPress Blog Themes and found Writing Blog to be the best since it offers both speed and great functionality.
Let’s go ahead and purchase our theme. First head to the ThemeForest website click here to open it in a new tab

Create a Blog Website - Buying our Blog WordPress Theme
Writing Blog Theme on the ThemeForest Marketplace

Click the Buy Now button and you will be redirected to the checkout page.
Fill in your First name, last name & email address then click Next. Choose your ThemeForest username and password, Verify the captcha then click the Create account & Continue Button.
Fill in your billing details, including your Name, Last Name & full address, then click the Save and continue button.

Create a Blog Website - Buying our Blog WordPress Theme
Available Payment Methods

Now you will be redirected to the payments page, which includes 3 payment methods. The first two methods are Debit/Credit card and PayPal. These two methods include a 2$ surcharge. If you want to avoid this surcharge choose Envato Credit method instead.
After the payment goes thru you will see a success message. Now hover over your username in the top right corner and click on downloads.
Find the Writing Blog theme in your downloads page then click the green download button.

Create a Blog Website - Downloading our Blog WordPress Theme
ThemeForest Downloads Page

The two main options are

  • All files and Documentation. This option will download a .zip file which will include the theme, all extensions, documentation, and the licensing information.
  • Installable WordPress files only. This option will just download the theme in a .zip format to your WordPress site.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be using the installable WordPress files only option. So Go ahead and click on it to start the download. When the download is completed navigate over to your WordPress dashboard
Once you’re in, click on the Appearance menu item from the sidebar to go to Themes page.
On the Themes page click the Add New button to upload the previously purchased Blog Theme.

Create a Blog Website - Uploading our Blog WordPress Theme
Uploading our Blog Theme

Next, click the Upload Theme button. The theme upload form will show up, click Choose File and navigate to the theme zip file you previously downloaded from ThemeForest then click Open.
Now click the Install Now button and wait a few moments for the installation process to complete.

Create a Blog Website - Activating our Blog WordPress Theme

3c / Importing the Demo content.

Note: To make it easier for our readers to set up the theme we have created import files, which you can use to import the demo content, configuration and options to recreate the same demo as ours.
Click here to download the Import Files
Now hover on Tools from the sidebar menu then click Import. On the import page, find WordPress from the list and click Install. Once the installation completes click Run Importer.

Create a Blog Website - Importing WordPress Blog Demo Data
Installing the WordPress Importer

After that you need to click Run Importer.
Once redirected to the Import WordPress page, click the choose file button and navigate to the writing.xml file from your previously downloaded folder after you unzip it, then click open.
Finally, click the Upload file and Import button.

Create a Blog Website - Importing WordPress Blog Demo Data
Importing Blog Demo Data

On the next page choose your Username from the select box, tick the Download and import file attachments checkbox then click Submit. The process could take a few minutes so be patient and wait for the success message.

Create a Blog Website - Importing WordPress Blog Demo Data
Imported Blog Demo Data

3d / Configuring our WordPress Blog Site.

Now hover over Settings from the sidebar menu and click on Permalinks, Once on that page choose the Post name option from the list then click Save Changes.

Create a Blog Website - Setting up WordPress Blog Permalinks
Setting up the Permalinks

Finally to add or edit pages hover over the Pages from the sidebar menu and click All Pages. Then click edit on the page you want to edit.
Finally to add or edit the posts hover over the Posts from the sidebar menu and click All Posts. Then click edit on the post you want to edit

That’s all, we’re done! Congratulations you’ve built your own blog website!

if you face issues or you need any help Click here

How to create a Blog Website Featured Image
You’ve built an Amazing Blog Website using WordPress

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